Stay Younger For Longer, One-Stop Longevity Platform

Research shows rich people don't just live longer. They also get more healthy years. 

Currently, only elites can get access to good longevity treatments, like some Silicon Valley tycoons. 

We are building a Longevity Valley to change that.  

Our Mission is to  create solutions to live longer but stay younger, accessible to as many people as possible, not exclusive to billionaires.


Established in 2018 by Troy Hoffman, a visionary with a medical family background and entrepreneurial spirit, BalanceGenics originated in California.


Before founding BalanceGenics, Mr. Hoffman was a founder and CEO of a technology company ranked at #171 on Inc. 500 list. BalanceGenics started out as a solution to our own needs. 


At BalanceGenics, millions of dollars investments have been made in product development and assembling a talent team. Collaborating with renowned global researchers, doctors and institutions, including an anti-aging lab advised by a Nobel laureate, we strive to create effective products and advice. 


In early 2024, we received a strategic investment from a venture capital firm specializing in Longevity Technology investment. 


Our diverse team, consisting of seasoned health experts, doctors, and entrepreneurs, is dedicated to developing products catering to our core customers and our own needs.


Mental health affects physical health, and physical health affects mental health. Financial anxiety affects mental health, and improved mental health promotes financial wellness. The way you manage your money can have a dramatic impact on both your health and happiness. These led to our all-in-one solutions for longevity:


BalanceGenics product portfolio focuses on three areas:


The release of our Anti-aging products is scheduled for the second quarter of 2024. These innovative products aim to decelerate aging, enhance cellular-level performance, and provide protection against all 12 hallmarks of aging. 


Many longevity scientists' latest findings have demonstrated that one's healthspan can be improved and that it is possible to reverse the senescence we once thought impossible to alter. 


We believe everyone deserves the opportunity to benefit from the science development. To realize our mission and help as many people as possible, we adhere to the following principles: 


1.  Top Knowledge: Disseminating the latest insights from leading longevity researchers to empower those aspiring to live healthier and longer lives - Be Wise Like a Billionaire


2. Top Products:  Transforming crucial scientific advancements in aging research into accessible premium products to extend human healthspan and lifespan - Be Served Like a Billionaire.


3. Lower Prices: When competitors offer comparable high-quality products, we opt to lower our prices. Driven by our long-term vision and ample funding, we willingly accept lower profit margins to achieve high volume and serve more people - Shop Like a Billionaire


These principles embody both our mission and business strategy, reflecting shared economies of scale, akin to the successful strategy of Costco.


We employ the above principles to drive our Flywheel, providing enhanced service to more people with lower prices while fostering partnerships with more leading anti-aging research institutions.


BalanceGenics = Longevity (physical health) + Happiness (mental wellbeing) + Wealthspan (wealthy health).


We will be your one-stop anti-aging platform and help you stay younger for longer. 


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